Sunday, January 25

Doing SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the best way to driving traffic to your site because traffic from search engine very targeted, if you join at affiliate program you can get much of money if your blog ranked well on the search engine because the sales conversion are big enough, but doing SEO is not easy, if you want too bother with the SEO matter you may using the services from SEO service company. But SEO service company is not cheap, but if your budget its big I think its can be considered, if you want to doing SEO by yourself there are several steps to make your web visibility on search engine ranked well.

1. On page optimization:
• Meta tag
• Keywords density
• Keywords prominence
Best free tool to check SEO Score on this part is .

2. Off page SEO
The main goals from off page SEO is build link to your web as much as possible, you can get link by:

- exchange link
- buy link (You can get Cheap quality link from here: *ref
- submit to directory
- submit to blog directory

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