Wednesday, February 11

Google Ranks Websites

Google Ranks Websites : Google uses a sophisticated and proprietary algorithm for ranking Web sites that uses over 100 different criteria in the calculation, each of which is given a specific weighting which can change over time. Because the algorithm can change, specific techniques that used to work well may no longer work as well over time. This is important to remember when your site’s ranking seems to change for no apparent reason. For this reason, optimizing your site should not be considered as a one-time task. You should always try, test, and refine your efforts.

With that said, the Google algorithm can be broken down into two major groups of factors:

On-page (keyword) factors. Keyword factors involve how, where and when keywords are used. Meaning how well your website is optimized for your chosen keywords, and if those same keywords appear in links that point to pages on your site. Keyword factors determine page relevance.

Off-page (link) factors. These include the quantity and quality of links that point to your site. Link factors determine page importance and are strongly related to Google PageRank (PR).

Very simply put, Google finds pages in its index that are both relevant and important to a search for a particular term or phrase, and then lists them in descending order on a search results page.

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